About Barb

The Mind-full Motivator

As someone who has experienced the real struggles of weight loss, Barb provides a unique and genuine perspective into personal health. After the failure of a multitude of different diets throughout her teenage years, Barb made it her mission to educate herself about nutrition and wellness, so that she could, in turn, educate others. Barb graduated with a B.S. degrees in Dietetics and Community Nutrition and a M.S. degree in Exercise Physiology.

After completing her education, Barb successfully began coaching and educating others about the importance of nutrition and wellness; However, Barb still found it difficult to achieve her own wellness goals. Barb realized, she could not achieve her wellness goals on her own; She needed her own motivator. After finally finding the personal coach she needed, Barb was able to reach her fitness goal, 50 pounds lighter, healthier, more fit, and much happier.