A Close to Perfect Day

A wet nose bumped my arm this morning a little past seven. Who needs an alarm clock when you have a lab?  After grabbing a fresh cup of coffee to go, my husband and I took our dog to a local park for a 2 mile walk on the wooded trails.  It was bright, clear morning, sunny and cool and the mosquitoes weren't even up yet.

This was fun. He had taken a day off from work and I had pushed back mine. It really felt like a vacation in the middle of the week--what a treat!  After our walk, I went off to meet a special friend for skinny lattes and whole grain bagels. Then we zipped around doing a little leg work as we shopped, talking the entire time. A perfect way to catch up with a friend a burn a few calories, too.

When I got  home, my husband had finished grading finals and submitting final grades (OK, so he wasn't really taking an entire day off,) and he was in the kitchen preparing fresh egg salad (light mayo, mustard and dill pickle) sandwiches on whole wheat. So, so good.  We enjoyed them out on on the deck along with big bowl of fresh cherries, which is the perfect place to eat on a day like today.  Cherries.  Nothing quite compares to that deep, rich sweet flavor.  I do wish they'd be that tasty and affordable year round. But then, maybe they wouldn't seem so special.

Right after a little trip to the dentist, I met my husband at the outdoor pool. I'm a Pisces.  Does it make a difference?  I don't know what it is exactly,  but the water is just a wonderful place for me.  I love the way my body feels as I pull it through that clear fluid, stroke by stroke.  Floating, sculling, kicking....it's all so right. But, I digress. I got in a mile swim, and my husband did more than that.

After our 2 hours of fun in the sun, it was home for an easy dinner.  He grilled a couple of chicken breasts as I concocted a light summer dinner salad.  Mixed greens, cucumber slices, fresh sliced strawberries, grapes, red onion and toasted walnuts, all topped off with sliced grilled chicken and drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette. Served with a whole grain baguette and glass of wine on the side.  Cool, light, totally delicious! It photographed pretty well, don't you think?

I felt great all day long...living a healthy lifestyle.

It was an absolutely wonderful, close to perfect, day.