A Healthy Market Gem

Walking into the small local grocery store in San Francisco, I expected crowded, narrow aisles and high prices. After all, it is a nice, quaint, older area. What I didn't expect was beautiful displays of incredibly fresh, healthy foods at Andronico's Market

I felt spell bound looking at the rainbow of fresh colors so artistically displayed in the produce section that it could have been in an art museum. It was amazing to 
me that such a large area of this tiny market was devoted to fruits and veggies. I whipped out my phone and started snapping photos as we wandered around the store. (While I did this, my husband wanted to wager how quickly the store manager would ask me to leave.)

The huge array of so many different types of fresh, wild caught fish on display put our stores in the mid-west to shame. Of course, you'd hope that more fresh fish would be much more readily available near all the coastal towns across the country. 

Even their expansive olive bar was beautifully displayed; encouraging a Mediterranean diet.

A store emphasizing fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and olives. A store where snack foods don't pop up everywhere you look to encourage unhealthy impulse buys. This store is certainly not the norm.

In memory of Roger Ebert, I give Andronico's Market two thumbs up for nutrition and wellness.