A Paczki Experiment

One gal I worked with today brought in a Paczki from a box that was brought in to her office. We mindfully evaluated it: looked at it, smelled it, touched and poked at it, and tasted it. Fascinating experience for us both. It absolutely tasted terrible and left a thick coating on the roof of the mouth. Kind of like eating Crisco.

I thought about this experience all afternoon, so I decided to buy a few Paczkis
 to do the same experiment in class tonight. I loved watching the facial expressions as they smelled and tasted it. NOT ONE person liked anything about the aroma or the taste. Surprise is an understatement.

Clearly anticipation and expectation were much greater than reality. I wonder how often that happens. Is it possible that we tend to eat something we consider "bad" so fast we don't even realize we don't like it? If so, how often does it happen?