Advertising or Temptation?

I was lost in the Ikea maze. Three floors of Ikea things. Plastics. Laminates. All ready to be plopped into the giant yellow bag and carried with its blue handles. Or toted in the big wheeled baskets. 

I was more than a little overwhelmed. It's such a fun place. But it's so busy, so crowded and so big. Should have worn my pedometer. I was working on deep breathing to stay calm. I focused on following the big arrows so nicely painted on the floor to make sure no one missed anything. 

At one point, as my daughter considered a wall hanging, I looked up. And, there it was. The answer to every one's overwhelmed feelings. A big sign that said, "Chocolate Cravings?" An advertisement for chocolate bars. Really?

I wonder if Ikea knew that people would be feeling overwhelmed smack dab in the middle of the store? Where better to advertise chocolate? Was it an intentional placement of a sugary quick fix? It couldn't be. I'm sure that no company would ever take advantage of customer's emotional state by encouraging the consumption of chocolate. Right?

And, no, I didn't buy the chocolate bar. It just wasn't right. And, it wouldn't have cured any emotional ailment anyway. And neither would those cinnamon rolls that they bake and smell so good near the checkouts...