All About the Souper Bowl

Yesterday was all about the Souper Bowl for me. While other people were focusing on getting all sorts of munchie foods ready to watch the Super Bowl games, I was thinking about soup. It's an annual event. Every year, I plan, shop for ingredients, and then supervise all the teens in our church as they prepare 150 servings of soup from scratch to serve the entire congregation---donations going to support local food banks.

It's exhausting every year, but I love every minute. Once they have their white aprons on, I emphasize food safety, telling them how important it is to wash hands, tie back their hair, and to don on plastic gloves whenever they touch food. I watch as they learn to chop onions, garlic, and veggies of all kinds. I cheer them on. 

Yesterday, the chefs came in at 8:30 in the morning, put on white aprons and jumped right into their assigned roles. A supply of swim googles came to the rescue when the onions brought on lots of tears. This year, I noticed how much more independent the older kids have become in their ability to measure, stir, and saute. These kids are really learning how to make healthy soups and they're having fun doing it. One of my top chefs told me that the Souper Bowl was his favorite event of the year. It doesn't get better than that!

And in the end, pots of White Chicken Chili and Minestrone were ready to serve. As the kids served up soup and loaves of delicious bread that had been donated by a local bread store, I listened for the soup reviews. Amazing, wonderful, delicious, so good...I think these kids did themselves proud.

Now, I can only hope that this joy of healthy cooking stays with them forever!