All Things Bacon

Bacon Fat Popcorn

Bacon Fat Popcorn. How could I have not predicted it? Lately, brother-in-law Joel's facebook page has been filled with discussions and jokes about bacon. Evidently, his relatives have this thing about bacon. 

There must have been some sort of bacon-crazed alien invasion into the appetite control center of our brains recently. So much so, that bacon isn't just for breakfast or BLT's anymore. Now you can buy bacon chocolate bars, bacon Ice Cream Sundaes, bacon cake, and bacon wrapped bananas. You name it, people are adding bacon to it. 

I should state here for the record, I am not a bacon fan. Never have been. My daughter and husband think I must be from outer space, but I beg to disagree.

The no-carb folks call bacon a winner with 0.1 gram carbohydrate per slice. One slice should fit into most people's diets with 43 calories, 3 grams of protein, and 83 grams of sodium. The trouble starts when people eat more than one slice of bacon frequently. Those grams of saturated fat and sodium can add up quickly, potentially wreaking havoc with your blood pressure and heart health. And, there are still unanswered questions about the health safety of nitrites used in curing meats that need to be considered.

I was with my husband and daughter while eating dinner Saturday night at the highly recommended Revolution Brewery in Chicago---great food and great fun. But, they're known for their bacon fat popcorn. And my husband and daughter had to try it. I was almost embarrassed to see it land on our table. Verdict? They said it was fun to try, but wouldn't order it again. I tasted 2 kernels, and was not impressed with the fatty smell, and the bit of nausea that overcame me. Whether it was the bacon fat itself or flashes of more health challenges coming with the bacon overload, I'm not jumping on this bacon wagon anytime soon. It's all yours, Joel!