Amazing Team Conquers the Iron Dog 5K!

2013 Team On the Way to Wellness:
Natalie, Amy, Donna, Erin, Jim, Pat,
 Ellie, Carol, Denise, Jean & Barb

On the Way to Wellness groups are filled with wonderful people working together to improve their health. They may want to lose weight, improve cholesterol or sugar, improve energy, or simply to feel and live better, and maybe longer. I try to make sure each person gets lots of support and motivation, receives accurate information on the nutrition, exercise, and behavior changes needed to achieve their goals...and that they have fun

Barb's family  dog Toby

Earlier this year, I started talking to the groups and individuals in Personal Wellness Coaching about using a local 5K as a motivator to help get more people fired up about exercising. The Iron Dog was a good fit with all the animal lovers involved (including me---Toby's pic is at the right.) 

Today brought a beautiful, sunny morning that was perfect for a race. Eleven of us gathered near the starting line (some a bit apprehensive,) our race numbers pinned, and ready to hit the 3.1 mile route. And, with Kathy cheering us on, we were off!
Ellie's prize water bottle
As our sole runner, Erin finished well ahead of the rest of us, impressing us all. She started the cheering section right past the finish line. As each teammate got near the finish, all of our cheering and high fives brought them across the line. Then they'd join our cheering section. Group support at its finest!

Carol's focus on wellness helps her whole family improve their health. She brought her 10 year old daughter Ellie to run. We were all so happy for Ellie as she came in second in her age group!

Denise got into the dog theme of the event and brought her
Barb, Aria & Denise

dog Aria to walk. It was quite a sight to see all these adorable dogs running and walking with their owners. 

Seeing all the runners, walkers and those with dogs a It's hard to describe how I felt as I watched them. I knew how hard they've worked and continue to work at making healthy food choices, losing weight, learning to be mindful, and becoming more active. Some had never walked 3 miles before. Some had never dreamed of signing up for a race. But, they did it anyway. Every single one ran or walked at their own pace. And every single one of them crossed that finish line. Dr. Suess's Grinch experienced what I did. My "...heart grew three sizes that day."