Can Smart Help?

At first,  it wasn't too bad.  I'd just call the person back and I'd usually be able to finish the call before the phone cut out.  Then, when then phone rang, the call would immediately end.  Repeatedly. I was trying to  chat with my sister who had just come back from vacation to her home in Virginia surveying the damage from hurricane Irene. I was in a traffic jam after moving my daughter back to college and thought it was a perfect time to talk. Right.  I think we called each other back 8 times before we quit trying.

I guess dropping the hand-me-down phone into water wasn't the best idea, even though I did get it out immediately. A well seasoned phone should be able to withstand a little abuse. After advice from one son, I stuck it in a bag of rice, but that almost seemed to make it worse.  It was time...


I got on line.  I researched.  I try not to spend much extra money.  I mean, we are trying to put our 3rd kid through college and and 4 years now cost more than the original price tag on our home. It's unreal. But, I digress...

I decided to get a smart phone. It's time I connect with all these weight loss and fitness apps that my MM groupies, followers and clients are using!  Of course, it doesn't hurt that they are selling older models for so little money.

So, my new quest is to learn all about the heath apps that are available, and I need your help! My action plan this week is to start digging and find out what diet, fitness and health apps are rated the highest and most user friendly.

Two MM clients love their LoseIt! apps and another finds the Weight Watchers app perfect for her.  The Endomondo Sports Tracker gets rave reviews from one of our MM Followers.  It includes a GPS to track her walking and it really helps motivate her to keep up the mileage. What about you?

If you are a smart phone user, what apps do you use?  What do you like about them?  How easy are they to use?  Together, let's develop a list of apps that are MM Approved!