Guest Post: Shopping with My Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Today's wonderful guest blog is written by Pat Gilbert, one of our On the Way to Wellness Group members. I took my nutrition coach, Barb Geske, with me to Aldi's today...speaking figuratively that is.  All those nutritional knowledge nuggets gleaned from her On the Way to Wellness classes steered me to healthy choices in this budget-friendly store in Delta Township.  Reading nutritional labels narrowed down the choices to those high in good nutrients and low in sodium, bad fats, sugar and questionable additives. The store's Simply Nature product line featured organic items.  Barb's coaching led me to look for foods with short, healthy ingredient lists.  The Simply Nature can of Crushed Tomatoes in Tomato Purée with Dried Basil contained:

  • organic tomato purée
  • organic tomatoes
  • sea salt
  • dried organic basil
  • naturally derived citric acid

No mysterious ingredients there!

So, two full bags of food and only $30 lighter, I headed for home- grateful that I can take my coach with me whenever my pantry needs a refill.

There's Something About An Earlier Walk

I was walking Toby, our 11-year old yellow lab, earlier than usual this morning, And, I found myself thinking about quiet. Toby and I usually get passed by cars driven by harried people rushing to work, school buses, and parents zipping their kids to daycare or school. I can almost feel their hurry. Today was different. Few cars were out. The world felt calm. Quiet. Peaceful.

With all the noise we live in, we need to search for a time of quiet. Time to let go of negativity and fill ourselves with peace and positive thoughts. It's something many of us are missing these days. A need we may try to fill with things unhealthy things like candy, chips, or TV marathons. It's time we try working on our quiet today...

Congrats to Expo Drawing Winner Sandy Wolfe!

Our wellness team had a fantastic time at Saturday's Healthy & Fit expo getting the word out about Getting Healthy From the Inside Out. That replica of 5# of body fat was certainly show stopper. People were either absolutely disgusted by it and didn't want to touch it or did want to pick it up and see what it felt like to carry around an extra 5# of fat. What do you think? Would looking, feeling, touching, or holding this glob motivate you to work on your weight loss or wellness goals?

5# Body Fat

Feelings are Meant to be Felt Not Fed

Emotional eating has the potential to derail even the most health focused of us, as we mentioned in group last night. One thing I've learned over the years is that it's okay to feel every emotion I have. They are mine to feel. They aren't good or bad. They just are. Somehow I thought I wasn't supposed to get angry, mad, or anxious--all those "bad" feelings. So, I used layer upon layer of cookies, ice cream, and chocolate to dampen or numb the feelings. What I've learned in these past 21 years is that it's okay to have every feeling I have. Mad, angry...the whole lot of them. My mantra became: Feel the feeling, don't feed it. In other words, feelings are meant to be felt, not fed.