Cookie Baking Marathon

Have I told you that I'm cursed?  Yep.  Cursed with the ability to make some really good cookies.  Working in nutrition, I know that some may consider this wrong on many levels, but what can I say?  I learned to bake when I was in 4-H as a 9 year old, and I guess it just soared out of control from there.  Many have appreciated my baking skills along the way, to the point that I occasionally get asked to bake for a graduation open house.

Today, I whipped up 20 dozen cookies for a graduation party.  I started at 12:30 and ended at 4:30---a 4 hour baking marathon.  In my past, much heavier life, I used to taste lots of dough as I baked (perhaps to make sure it was just right?)  I proceeded to chow down broken and misshapen cookies that came along. Those weren't my best moments...

I just want you to know that today, all four hours were under control. I thought I'd pass along how I handle the big baking these days...

Yesterday's Baking Success:

  1. I ate lunch first---I never start this process when I'm hungry anymore!
  2. Hydrate. On the counter, I had a huge glass of decaf iced tea that I kept refilling all afternoon.
  3. A pack of sugar-free gum sat to the left of my 26 year-old cream colored Kitchen Aid mixer, ready to pop a new fresh peppermint piece in anytime I needed to chew something.
  4. Twice, I sat down with one hot, nicely shaped cookie, and enjoyed every bite, once with a glass of non-fat milk, and once with my tea. (Quite a change from feeding myself the rejects!  I'm much more worthy than those.)
  5. A bowl of melon chunks with a toothpick in it sat on the counter, too, next to the gum.  I found that clean, crisp taste of melon perfect to nibble on.
  6. I packed up all the cookies on trays as soon as they cooled, and drove them right to the party...
  7. Then, I took the dog for a walk!
Lesson:  Amazing, but it is possible to bake and not eat all the cookie dough! I certainly didn't know how years and years ago, but I do now.  And, I like it.