Elizabeth's Success Story!

Pat with Elizabeth (right)
Elizabeth was frustrated. She was not someone who had a lifetime of struggles with the battle of the bulge. But, as life sometimes has it, when menopause hit, things began to change. Unwanted excess weight started piling on. She worked hard to lose it, and that worked for a while. But, even though she was exercising 3-4 hours a week, she began to put weight back on quickly. Her clothes kept getting tighter and tighter. 

Then, on a trip to the emergency room, Elizabeth was thrown a curve ball. She not only found out she had a new health challenge she would have to deal with, but she'll never, ever forget being diagnosed as "OBESE."

Shortly afterward, Elizabeth joined our On the Way to Wellness group, ready for "rehab, and to begin my journey toward a healthier me."

Today, Elizabeth's 40 pounds lighter, and just glows when she talks about the changes in her health! She says her success was all about the M & M & M's: Motivation, Mindfulness, and Mentoring.

"Mindfulness was/is the significant part of On My Way to Wellness. Experiencing the mindfulness exercise in class and reading a book on mindfulness, were key to shifting my mind to a state of well-being. Living in a state of mindfulness allows me to be conscious of my life, my environment and the food I eat. Now, I am aware when I am eating mindfully OR when I am not!"

Mentoring helps you learn how to make those tough habit changes and actually live healthier. And, just like the research says, being part of a supportive group of people who are all focused on improving their health and making changes really does help. And, so does being educated with accurate information about real nutrition and health!

Motivation "came from Barb as my coach who encouraged me to keep trying even though health issues.  She told me I could succeed in spite of them. And indeed, I did! I lost 40 pounds without being able to exercise much of the time. 
The knowledge, education and experience that Barb’s brings to class is the key that unlocks the secret to reducing weight. I can relax about my weight, because I know how to be healthy."

Elizabeth's improved health continues as she successfully keeps those 40 pounds off, one and half years and counting! And her physician's thrilled with her improved lab results! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your success!