Fit After 55: Senior Exercise

Winn, 96-years young

After traveling 750 miles, this field trip didn't disappoint at all. I absolutely love the Fit After 55 senior exercise class provided by the University of Connecticut's exercise science department. I'm proud to say that my parents have been part of this group for about 20 years. Incredible!

This group has had their share of difficulties to overcome including the typical hip, knee, elbow replacements, and some tough life changes, but they stay with it. After visiting several times over the years, it's clear that this wellness gang takes pride in their overall fitness. And they should. The quality of life for these folks is clearly above that of many if not most people in their age group. They are active and engaged in life. They know they have to move it in order to stay mobile and sharp. They get it. 

And, they aren't exactly new to the senior side of life. Heck, my dad's 85th birthday is coming up next week, and he's not even close to the oldest in the group! Winn takes that prize at 96 years old and he's still going strong. 

As they arrive twice a week, each heads to their preferred exercise machine and gets started. My dad likes to hit the stationary bike for a 15-minute program that includes a few hills to keep his cardiovascular system and his relatively new hip strong. My mom considers the walk to the class aerobic conditioning, so she focuses on the strength training equipment. I love the fact that they choose to park at their church 0.35 miles away and walk to class. Compare that to the 30 and 40 year olds at my gym who circle the parking lot trying to find the closest space!

Think for a moment about your own future self. What do you want to be able to do in 1, 10, or 25 years down the road? Active and healthy? If so, now's the best time to start working on it! Aim to do what it takes to care for the future self you want to be. Remember, it's never to late to improve your health!