Food Scale Shopping Time

I didn't mean to. I was in a rush. It accidentally fell off the counter and crashed to the floor. My faithful food scale of many years was done for. On the positive side, I knew I would finally have a chance to buy a new one!

After 18 years of learning to maintain my weight loss of over 50 pounds, some would wonder why I would even need a food scale to begin with. Don't I know by this time exactly what to eat and what the correct portion sizes really are? Absolutely. Sure I do. The thing is, sometimes I do need a bit of help with control.  I know that. And I know that portion sizes do tend to inadvertently grow larger over time. And I want to keep this weight off!

My food scales come out most every morning for breakfast. I put a bowl on the scales, push the zero or tare button, and add yogurt until it says 8 ounces. Then I zero it out again and add 1/4 ounce of walnuts. and top it off with 4 oz of fresh fruit and dry oatmeal. Great breakfast with less clean up--I don't get any measuring cups dirty. It's a simple process that has been a way to get my day off to a healthy start for a long time. It's interesting that when I don't have that controlled breakfast, the rest of the day tends to be a bit more hap-hazard, less controlled.

Though I used to use them to measure almost everything I ate, I tend to use them only for breakfast now. And when I need a little reality check! One of my sons (athletic and never had a weight problem) uses his food scales all the time when baking bread or anything else. He's even converted recipes to use grams of flour instead of cups for ease and more exact measurements. Of course, he is a science-guy, a physicist!

I ordered the EatSmart Precision scale from Amazon that is recommended on my Great Stuff list to the right. The big decision was what color to get! The white and chrome version came yesterday---a new toy! It's much smaller, sleeker, and lighter in weight than my old one. Nice.

I used it this morning, and I just love it. One great feature on the EatSmart is that you can place your bowl on it and the front of the scales are still exposed because of it's oval shape, making it much easier to read. And the bigger digital read out doesn't hurt either. (What can I say? Bi-focals have been a part of my life for quite while now!)

If you're ready to upgrade your food scale or have never used one before, take a look at this one. Choose your favorite color, and have some fun getting your portions under control! Sometimes, all it takes is the right new toy!