Gimmie A Snack!

Yep. I did it. And I should not have.  I let myself get way too hungry. I'm not perfect.  I know that it's really important to keep my blood sugar level steady all day long, even though I'm not diabetic. When it drops, it's harder for me to make rational food decisions (can you say, "bring on the cookies?")  It's hard for me to think clearly and to keep up with any physically demanding activity. And, I get crabby and a bit short tempered.  Are any of you like that?

I'm sure you are, since that's the way the human body works.  A steady flow of energy is important for your brain and body to function their best and it also impacts mood and emotions. It's all impacted by what we did or didn't eat.


I had eaten a typical breakfast for me: yogurt, dry oatmeal, a few walnut halves and a peach.  But, I forgot to have a snack before my hour long massage at 11:30 in the morning and didn't have any ready in the car like I usually do. So, at 12:45,  I had errands to run at Sam's Club and Target.  I had water in the car, and drank lots of that. Good for hydration, but it didn't do much for my physical hunger. First, I had to zip by the food pushers at Sam's, which was a bit tough. Some of those aromas had my mouth watering like crazy.  Good thing I have this firm visual implanted in my mind of all the possible viruses and bacteria swirling around that publicly offered food! I know, it's pretty disgusting, but it works for me.

By the time I got to Target, I couldn't even remember what I needed in there.  I headed right over to the food aisles. Let's see. Chips, cookies, snack crackers, granola bars, M&M's... those didn't even sound good to me! My body needed real fuel. Then I saw the string cheese in the cooler. Perfect!  I grabbed 2 individual 1 ounce low fat mozzarella sticks and a mini bag of 100% whole grain Sun Chips. My body seemed to approve of what I was picking up. I continue to work on being mindful of listening to what my body needs whether it is sleep, water or certain type of food.  Many times, I hear it asking for rest, veggies or protein. It really is amazing. Mindful...

Once I had my nutritious food in hand, I remembered what I had gone into Target for, bought it, and headed to the car. I sat there and ate my snack. I started to feel much, much better as the energy level came back my body. Thanks, Target, for having a few healthier options for me.