Guest Post: Shopping with My Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Today's wonderful guest blog is written by Pat Gilbert, one of our On the Way to Wellness Group members. I took my nutrition coach, Barb Geske, with me to Aldi's today...speaking figuratively that is.  All those nutritional knowledge nuggets gleaned from her On the Way to Wellness classes steered me to healthy choices in this budget-friendly store in Delta Township.  Reading nutritional labels narrowed down the choices to those high in good nutrients and low in sodium, bad fats, sugar and questionable additives. The store's Simply Nature product line featured organic items.  Barb's coaching led me to look for foods with short, healthy ingredient lists.  The Simply Nature can of Crushed Tomatoes in Tomato Purée with Dried Basil contained:

  • organic tomato purée
  • organic tomatoes
  • sea salt
  • dried organic basil
  • naturally derived citric acid

No mysterious ingredients there!

So, two full bags of food and only $30 lighter, I headed for home- grateful that I can take my coach with me whenever my pantry needs a refill.