Haunting of the Sugary Snacks


Ackk!They're everywhere! Fun size. Mini size. Little bitty chocolate bars. Seemingly harmless little bags of M&M's, candy corn, and sweet tarts. They're decorated in Halloween wrappers just one time a year. Only once. We have to get 'em and eat 'em while we can, right?

Wrong. THEY just want us to think that way. Those manufacturers are responsible for pushing the sugary stuff on us. They switch wrappers with the seasons, make them cute, seasonal, and irresistible. They show us how to decorate with them and use them in crafts. They smother us with advertising and coupons. It's all a ploy. Those Reese's peanut butter cups are the same no matter what shape they come in. Really. Somehow, we need to take a stand against all these sugary seasonal prefab treats, and try something different. And maybe a bit healthier. Is there a way?

Besides, those Halloween treats were on the shelves already in August. Or was it late July? And now, 11 days before trick or treating, the candy on store shelves has significantly diminished, and Christmas is quickly filling in. Where have all these bags of candy gone? Some people have bags stashed and awaiting Halloween. Fine. Unfortunately, lots of other bags have been chowed down from bottomless treat bowls at work, home or binged on behind closed doors. Too many people have eaten too much candy.

We need to get some good ideas together to beat the haunting of these sugary snacks! What strategies have you been using that work well for you?

One suggestion to start this idea session off: be sure to keep your blood sugar level steady. Eat regular, nutritious meals and snacks. Don't skip meals!