Heathy Eating Feels Good

It's time for a little push in your motivation. I know, there are days when you're tired, stressed out, and life is just not in that happy place. It just seems easier to grab a coffee on the way out the door in the morning, join the gang at the donut box for breakfast, and pop a diet coke and Snickers bar for lunch. You skip the gym and head home to zip open that blue box of mac & cheese. Then you just slurp it up from a cereal bowl comatose-style while curled up on the sofa watching TV at night. Add a few cheese curls and some Oreos, and you're good, right? All right, let's get your head together with a little kick in motivation!

How many of you can relate to days like this? That's what I thought, you are not alone! While it may seem easier eat this way on emotionally exhausting days, work with me on this. Think...

Self-Assessment Quiz:
  • How do you feel as the entire day of your eating and exercise choices go on?
  • How is your attitude: grumpy, happy?
  • How sharp is your brain? Are decisions coming easily to you or are you a bit dull in the thought process today?
  • How's your energy level? Ready to go or dragging through the trenches ready to crash?
  • What about your physical body? Are you feeling great or lousy, maybe noticing more aches and pains today than you usually do?
  • How does your stomach feel?
  • How happy are you with yourself at the end of the day? What do you imagine your facial expression is as you think about this? Visualize it!
Evaluate yourself without calling yourself any nasty names. Go in deep for your feelings and separate them from your actions. You are not stupid, fat, dumb, a failure or anything negative like that. You just simply collected some data, and we are now in the process of analyzing it. OK? What do you feel like when you eat like this and skip your exercise. Got it?

Now, what do you feel like when you make really healthy choices of food all day and get that exercise in? Go through the same self-assessment quiz.

Which day of eating makes you feel better? When you eat healthy foods all day your head and body feel better. Your attitude is more positive, happier---and that tends to rub off on those people around you. Your brain is clearer and simply does its work better. (Just a note, I don't want any surgeon of mine coming at me with a scalpel if she's been running all day long on Cheetos. Nope, not good for either of us!) When you eat well, your body will feel more energetic, and ready to give you good energy all day long.

It does make a difference what you eat. If you put low grade fuel into a car that requires premium fuel, what do you get? Pinging, lower fuel economy and performance. It's true for us, too. We need premium fuel if we don't want to ping all day and have lousy performance!

Moral of the story: Twinkies in, Twinkies out!

Remember how much better you feel when you go that extra mile for those healthy, premium foods!

You Are Worth what it takes to be healthy.