Highlights From Iowa, Part II

After seeing friends and college friends (I dare not call them old college friends, since we're all the same age!) it was on to see some family and enjoy a reunion. It's always interesting to see how people are doing and what's going on in the family.  It didn't really seem like it had been 10 years since I'd been there last. The perspective of time passing more quickly as I get older is really amazing.  I regress...

Surviving a family reunion in control of your food intake is no easy matter for many of us.  I've worked for so many years with people who have filled me in on most every scenario imaginable at these affairs---all revolving around food.  From food pushers, peer pressure, sampling special family recipes, food available to munch on mindlessly all day long, stress eating...the list goes on and on.

Our reunion at my aunt and uncle's was perfectly manageable for me.  One great thing about our family is that I don't experience any food pushing at all; no one saying, "you've got to eat this," or, "I made this just for you." Control of food was a bit challenging when my Aunt Judy was planning a noon meal, and people ending coming in 3 shifts.  I think we served/ate 5 meals that day!

I practiced filling my plate half full of fruits and veggies each time I ate.  This was pretty easy, since there was fantastic fresh watermelon, cantaloupe, celery and celery sticks available at 4 of the 5 meals!  That immediately gave me portion control and supplied lots of nutrients for the day.  Grilled steaks were on the menu, so that was easy to serve myself a portion the size of a deck cards.  Nothing quite like steak on an Iowa farm!!  Sooo good.  And the sweet corn.  It was picked so fresh, and cooked just right.  The best I had ever, ever eaten.  I like mine with no butter on it at all, so I can get all that great taste and fiber in it's finest, unadulterated state.  Melted in my mouth.

One of the meals that was served later in the afternoon, I decided I wasn't very hungry, so I just helped pick up dishes and serve the folks who were eating.  After that, I was ready to indulge in the dessert of my choice:  warm peach crisp with a little vanilla ice cream on top.  I sat down.  I savored every bite and totally enjoyed it.  Perfect.

At the end of the day, I felt great.  I'd enjoyed being with my family, enjoyed the food, and did not feel stuffed or guilty about what I'd eaten during the day at all.  Success!

If you're ever in Iowa, don't forget to have some fresh sweet corn and grilled steak if you're a beef lover. Nothing quite like it...

Surviving Family Reunions In Control of Your Food: 

  • Practice Portion Control:  Fill Half Your Plate With Fruits & Veggies
  • Sit Down to Eat
  • Eat Slowly & Savor Every Bite
  • Choose What You're Going to Eat & When 
  • No Guilt
  • Talk
  • Be Active
Enjoy, Stay Motivated and Never, Ever Give Up!!