How's YOUR Attitude?


Today, take time to consider your attitude... 

Decide to have a positive attitude that will empower you to act in positive ways and become what you truly want to be--- healthier, stronger, thinner, or even happier.

Start by taking one positive shot at a time.  Be proud of yourself for getting up to exercise, eating fruit for breakfast, or for simply choosing to have a positive day. The more we hit that shot--that positive basket--the easier it becomes to be positive with yourself and make positive changes for your health...

                         BILLY DONOVAN'S ATTITUDE PLAN

Always making today my best day
Taking pride in a job well done
Treating others with respect
Isolating my negative thoughts
Treating tasks as opportunities
Utilizing my talents every day
Doing the job right the first time
Expecting positive outcomes daily
Speaking well of others every day

 Head Basketball Coach for the Florida Gators

Fire Up!  You Can Do It!