In the Candy Aisle

Yesterday, I was standing in the candy aisle at Target with my husband. We were searching for some holiday colored wrapped chocolates. In the process, we found ourselves having a very odd conversation about which candy to buy. The kids were coming home, and we wanted to have just a few holiday candies, but instead of getting what anyone loved, we talked only about what would be a problem for us and what would be "safe" to bring home! Amazing. We left all the M & M's at the store. Snickers are downright dangerous for him. After much debate, we came up with little dark Dove chocolates (go antioxidants!) and Butterfinger bells. The dark chocolate has such a strong, rich flavor that neither of us eat more than one of those, so good choice there. Butterfinger, well the kids will like those just fine, and they don't call to either one of us. This is not how we've ever shopped for candy together before...

I have been married to this guy for over 30 years. He used to love to bring me any type of chocolate if I "needed" it: peanut M & M's, Hershey bars with almonds, and he was always very willing to make a run to buy more if the moon was right. I guess in a way he was an enabler, but I would never hold that against him. I never said "no" to the chocolate either! He lost his own 60 pounds this past year. He asked me for help, so I provided it. You see, I knew I could not do it for him. He could only do it when he was ready, so I waited. Until January. That was when he found out his blood glucose levels were a bit high, and that was that. Now, he's totally on board with me whenever we make meals together, go grocery shopping, or are eating out.

It was really cool in Target. And it was even more wonderful when we got home, unpacked and realized there were no voices calling to us from any of those bags of candies!