Is Mind-full Motivator for Teens?

I learned to bake cookies when I was 9. I loved the whole process of making cookies: mixing all the ingredients, tasting the dough, shaping the cookies, tasting the dough, baking the cookies, tasting the dough, smelling that wonderful fresh baked aroma and tasting the warm, hot cookies. Yep, I developed into an awesome baker. Funny thing, those batches of cookies were supposed to make 4 dozen cookies, but no one noticed only 2 dozen or so made it into the cookie jar. I baked often, and every time I did I was hiding the amount of cookies I really ate, carefully placing the cookies to make it look like there were more! Baking gave me peace and quiet and the joy of doing something my family appreciated, and maybe even some praise. This was the beginning of me sneaking and hiding food that I thought was "bad"---a very unhealthy relationship with food. This eventually led to me gaining those 69 pounds and it took many, many years to straighten out all those warped food behaviors, and I am not perfect yet, I still keep working at it!

Why am I sharing this? lbbls wrote in to ask about her 12 year-old daughter reading Mind-full Motivator. Absolutely! Teens and 'tweens need to understand how the food they eat makes a difference in how they feel, how much energy they have, and even how their hair and skin look. The earlier good health and nutrition habits develop, the better off they'll be throughout their entire lives. Have an extra fruit today, sign in and invite your teen!