It's a Break from Winter for Me!

My Sister and Mickey

It's been a LONG winter. It was starting to get to me. I was starting to wonder if the snow would ever quit and if the temperatures would ever again warm up above freezing. I was noticing signs that I needed some change.  Recognizing this, I tried to change the furniture around in the living room, but our set-in-his-ways yellow lab was not too pleased when his bed got moved. So, I tried a couple new recipes. That helped a little, but not much.  Luckily, my husband decided that he wanted to attend a conference in California, and he had enough frequent flier points to land a free ticket for me.  Perfect! A way to get out of town and get a break from all this winter.

My Niece Emma Lee

I really am savoring this visit with my sister and her family on the first half of my "Get Away From Winter" vacation. The sun has been shining every day, and even though we've gotten hit by a few Santa Ana winds, just being here, feeling the warmth of the 68 - 78 degree days and seeing the sun is enough.  I feel rejuvenated already. And a little time in the jacuzzi today for my tight neck muscles worked wonders.

My sister and her family definitely put physical activity on their list of priorities.  She works out with an incredibly demanding trainer 3 times a week and my brother-in-law has started hitting the gym for early morning workouts 2 times each week. My niece is in the master's Ti Kwon Do program, and my nephew is in a running group, takes tennis lessons, Ti Kwon Do, and goes outdoors to play. This active family certainly gets top points for setting the stage for developing exercise habits that will stay with them forever.

My Nephew Adam Lee

So far, so good for my activity.  I joined my sister at her trainer's session once this week, toning down the program to be more user-friendly to my body.  Another day, I did my 3 mile run/walk while she worked out. We hiked the Townsley Canyons together---narrow, winding trails, breath-taking scenery and a great time to chat with my sister. Her dog loved it. Yesterday, my husband and I walked along the beautiful Pacific Ocean on a sandy beach for 2 hours. The legs were tired, but the soul was well nourished.

Use my sister and her family as an example:  put physical activity as a top priority in your life.  When you do, your body and mind will thank you...even when you are on vacation!