It's Too Hard and I'm Ready To Give Up!

Yep. No question from me. It is really hard to lose weight. It's easy to get frustrated and want quit even trying. Been there, done that. But, it is possible to successfully lose weight and keep it off. And giving up is not the way to win at losing...

I had an email from Mary, a desperate follower, who is trying to make good healthy choices to lose weight, but those changes just aren't happening. Trips for soft serve ice cream with the warmer weather, fast food stops while running the kids everywhere after work, and too tired to shop, cook or even think about healthy food choices. And she's ready to throw it all in.

This is the time to dig in your heels, Mary. If you quit trying, what will happen next? Most people end up gaining back the weight they've lost, and add more, feeling horrible the entire time. I know. That used to be me: either losing and feeling good about myself or gaining and feeling like a failure. What finally worked for me was to focus on accepting mistakes along the way, but knowing no matter what, I was going to keep on trying...

The first step is clear: Don't give up! Never quit trying. And don't wait until tomorrow to start anew. The trouble with tomorrow is that you can always use that as a put-it-off technique.

It's time for a 3-step fix:

  1. Take a big, deep breath. Relax and pull yourself together. You are OK.
  2. Now, choose one small healthy focus, a goal that you can fairly easily achieve for the rest of day: drink a glass of water before every meal, walk for 15 minutes at lunchtime, get in 5 or 6 fruits & veggies, or perhaps aiming to sit down before every meal or snack.  
  3. Do just that!
The beauty of this fix is that it takes your focus down to performing one simple task at a time. Something you can do. When you can do it, you do do it. Woo-hoo! Then, you feel one little positive spark about yourself. Each step you take toward that goal makes it easier to take the next. And another. And another. A wonderful chain reaction occurs that helps topple that negative attitude like a line of playing cards standing on end and turn it around into a confident, "I am doing this!" 

Most everyone who loses weight successfully has times when they are ready to give up. It's normal. Your old behaviors are easier, require no thought...but they are what got you to the point of needing to lose weight in the first place. Developing new healthy habits takes focus, energy and time, but it's worth it. You are worth it!

I learned it a long time ago: It's all about perseverance, not perfection.
Fire UP!!! You CAN do this!!