Just One Counter

It's hard for me. I can get things organized when I try.  But keeping them that way is a different story. I'm really convinced that some areas get cluttered all by themselves...

One of the interesting things I've discovered over the years, is that sometimes clutter can actually interfere with achieving health goals. If the kitchen counters are covered with the mail, keys and a collection of other odd things, how easy is it to cut the vegetables and prepare a meal? If you have some time to walk at lunch, but have no idea where you put your sneakers, you've lost a good opportunity to burn some calories and clear your head. 

Even just looking at clutter can cause anxious feelings for some people. And, if you are a stress-eater, living with a mess can actually trigger overwhelming feelings and overeating, which is not exactly helpful if you are trying to lose or control your weight.

You are on your way to wellness.  Take a good look around you. Does this environment support you as you strive to make healthy choices when it comes to food, exercise, and relaxation? If not, it's time to dig in and find some space in your place. But, don't take everything on all at once!

When you begin, be sure to focus on just one area at a time. Only one. A great place to start is with a kitchen counter, especially if you can't remember what color it is! Food needs to be out of sight when you walk through the kitchen, unless it's a pretty fruit bowl or a plant decorating a nice, clean area.

And when that's done, pause to enjoy that great feeling of accomplishment. Think of how much easier and pleasant it will be to prepare your next meal! You may feel healthier already. After that, who knows what you'll de-clutter next!

And now, to take my own advice...