Motivational Checkup

It's time for your motivational checkup!

  • Write down the health and nutrition goal you are working on right now and post it somewhere you'll see it often. A sticky note on the bathroom or bedroom mirror, the refrigerator, or in your day planner would be great. Something like: I want to lower my blood pressure, increase my cardiovascular health, lower my cholesterol level, or maybe to lose weight, or whatever you are aiming for.
  • Evaluate your progress so far. How have you been doing with the steps you've been taking toward reaching that goal?
  • Identify what needs a little more work.
  • Create a mini goal to work on just for this week.
  • Set up a game plan with a step by step plan on how to achieve this mini goal.
  • Get to it!
Let's do my motivational checkup...
  • My goal right now has been to increase my fitness level. I was sick for quite awhile and lost a bit of my cardiovascular endurance.
  • I am doing well slowly increasing my walking program, and am back to 7 days each week, but not always at a moderate pace.
  • I need to work on pushing a little harder for speed, which is hard with the snowy and ice packed roads while walking the dog. Note to self: don't forget to take even a short walk on our sub-division streets without my Yak Trax on. I took one trip around our circle 2 days ago without my "springs" on, and about slipped and fell at least 6 times. Not fun.
  • This week, I am going to walk without the dog 3 times a week for 30-45 minutes and push the intensity level up to a higher level (the dog takes a few sniffing side trips along the way!) If the roads are bad, I'm going to head to the mall and join all those dedicated walkers, put on my pedometer, and go for it.
Now, it's time for YOUR checkup. Be ready to report in! Fire up, you can do this!!