Oreos and the "Old" Me

We rarely had "store-bought" cookies. I always made them with my two sons who were at that time 2 and 6. They loved doing that, but this was a different kind of special. We were in the grocery store, all three of us happy as could be because we had entire package of Oreos in our shopping cart. They were on sale and I had a coupon. Money was really tight since both my husband and I were in graduate school---need I say more.

When we got back to our apartment, we made a big production out of our Oreo treat. The boys sat down at the table and I poured milk into cute little mugs. They both totally got into the dipping, twisting, licking and munching their Oreos and slurping the milk, which by that time had turned to a light speckled brown color. I, like usual, didn't sit with them, but flitted around doing other things in the kitchen while they ate. I'm sure I ate a couple cookies while flitting, though that memory isn't as clear. When I cleaned up the plates, both of them had a part of a cookie left on their plates (they always left part of a cookie...they were full! What does that have to do with a COOKIE??) so I quickly popped those bits in my mouth before placing them into the dishwasher. Pre-rinse cycle, you know. I placed the Oreo package in the cupboard where they remained quiet and safe for the rest of the day.

After taking the boys to school the next day (well, one to his Mother's Morning Out program) I went back to the apartment. Then, I started to hear voices...They were calling to me from the cupboard. I was drawn to the kitchen. I couldn't help myself! I stood there and started eating Oreos. I put them back and walked away, thinking, "bad girl, these are bad for you, how stupid to start eating these." But I kept coming back to them. The Oreos had a force of their own. I was overpowered. In the end, I stood there at the kitchen sink looking at the empty package of cookies thinking only one thing: I have to replace these before the boys find out they are gone.

I headed back to the grocery store, wishing I had more money so I could buy a bunch more groceries so no one would notice me buying a package of Oreos. I headed to the check out. The shortest line was the same gal that checked me out the day before, so I chose a longer line. I mean, what if she remembered I bought Oreos yesterday, and was coming back for more today?

I sped back to the apartment. I didn't have much time before I had to pick up the younger one. I stood by the counter once again, and looked at the bag. I realized I had one more job to do. You see, my boys were really bright, so I had to take every precaution. I quickly cut open the bag and ate Oreos until the bag was back to the same level of emptiness it was before the dark side took over earlier that morning.

Can anyone relate to me? That was a long time ago. The boys are now almost 26 and 30. Have I changed? Yes! I can proudly say, now when I have cookies, I sit down and enjoy 1, 2, and on a rare occasion even 3, preferable with a glass of milk. I really let myself taste them instead of spending the entire time feeling guilty that I am eating them. And, I actually eat them in front of people! You know something? Life is so much better like this. I can control food....It doesn't control me anymore.