Our Evening Adventure Dining Out

Amy's incredibly healthy dinner!

A restaurant built around healthy food? Can it possibly survive in the land of super-sizing, deep fat fried Twinkies & turkeys and all-you-can-eat buffets? 

Our evening group was excited to check out the The Leaf Salad Bar in East Lansing last week. As we slowly gathered after work (crazy 5:30 evening traffic!!) we watched a guy choose ingredients that made his smoothie an interesting shade of brown. Umm...no.

Betty having FUN!
Pat's excited for salad time!

Before hitting the food, we mindfully assessed our hunger, aiming to control the food intake. Our strategy for the buffet? Tour the entire line, inspect our options and make choices depending on what looked good and what we didn't always get at home. Perfect.

I was amazed by all the incredibly fresh veggies, nuts, shrimp, and lots of other unique things on the buffet. And, not one wilted leaf or one spotty tomato to be seen. So many deep, rich colors...enough to make a rainbow. I sure hope this place makes it across the street from McDonald's...