Pancakes, Anyone?

When you are ready for a leisurely breakfast or an easy dinner, pancakes are just perfect.  Warm, comforting, fun, and yummy all rolled into one.

With our focus on health, we have to tweak the recipe to make sure the pancakes are packed with plenty of good-for-you whole grains and use healthy fat.  All you have to choose is what to put on top! A little syrup is fine, but too much is just adding empty calories.  Try topping your pancakes with a little fruity syrup (recipe below), low fat yogurt, fresh fruit, cottage cheese, or an egg for a yummy new, more nutritious twist!

Easy Whole Wheat Pancakes

Heat griddle until hot.
Grease lightly with cooking spray.

In a small bowl, blend:
     1 cup low fat buttermilk*
     1 egg
     1 Tbsp. canola oil

Whisk together in another bowl:
     3/4 cup whole wheat flour**
     1/4 cup unbleached all-purpose flour**
     1 tsp. baking powder
     1/4 tsp. baking soda
     1 Tbsp. brown sugar

Add liquids to dry ingredients and stir until just moistened. (Don't over stir or you'll end up with whole wheat hockey pucks!)

Scoop onto hot griddle using 1/4 cup measure.  Cook until bubbly and flip.  Cook until golden brown.

Makes 8 pancakes.
Each pancake contains:
     94 calories
      3 g. fat
     28 mg. cholesterol
     140 mg. sodium
     14 g. carbohydrate
       2 g. fiber
       4 g. protein
  One cake is 1 starch exchange

*No buttermilk?  Simply put one tablespoon of vinegar in a cup measure, then fill to the 1 cup mark with non-fat milk.
**Or skip the whole wheat and all-purpose flour and use 1 cup white whole wheat flour!

Fruity Syrup:

Bring to a bowl in saucepan:
     2 cup fresh or frozen berries
     1/3 cup maple syrup
Cook until thickened. Serve hot on top of pancakes!

3 Tbsp contains:
     54 calories
       0 g. fat
     14 g. carbohydrate
       1 g. fiber
       0 g. protein

Oh, so good...Enjoy!