Plastering With Cookies

Monday, January 6, 2014

OK. It's true. I'm not perfect. I thought I'd better share that, just in case you had any thoughts otherwise.

I mean, really. Twenty years ago, I used to weigh 50 pounds more than I do now. I used to be a huge emotional eater with occasional binges thrown in. I now know that these issues have no cure. They can be controlled, but never eliminated. Kind of like alcoholism or diabetes, I suppose.
I had a great time with the kids home the last couple of weeks. Even with ICE STORM 2013, no power for 4 days and 2 weeks of no internet, TV or phone. But, as they left, I found myself mindlessly wandering into the kitchen, looking for something to sweet to nibble on. That tray of raw veggies wasn't doing doing the trick. I even baked a pan of brownies, just 'cause.
It took a few hours to get a grip. I was reacting emotionally to kids leaving, and I was tired. (Tired never helps me deal with my emotions well.) In a mindless nanosecond (or a tad longer) I'd reverted back to my old habits: looking to sooth my raw emotions with sugary treats.
The good side of all this, I got a handle on it. I sat with my emotions for awhile. I let myself feel a little sad. I hoped it wouldn't be another 5 years until the kids all got together again. But, I was also so happy everyone had a great time. It had been a good time.
It's amazing how well it works to dig deep and locate the emotion, and allow yourself to feel it, instead of plastering it with cookies. It's one big key to getting excess weight off and keeping it off for emotional eaters!