Races Deliver Fun and Motivation

Team Wellness at the Finish Line!

"Why spend all that money on a 5K race when you can simply go out and walk the same distance yourself?" It was a fair question. Even though most races are raising funds for legitimate charities, it's still around $25 a pop. Real money. So, why don't I just encourage folks to simply get together to walk?  I do encourage an exercise buddy or group. Exercise dates with others can improve commitment and provide support and motivation to exercise. 

Patty's fired up to start the race!

Races add even more; they take it up a notch. There's something special about the excitement and the spirit of the race. Picking up race packets, pinning on your number, people milling and warming up, booths to look at, and the sound system blasting energizing music. The entire experience lights up motivation and fun. It makes you anxious to get started and be part of the group--the active and athletic group. And it doesn't matter how fast you go or whether you walk or run. From the starting gun to the finish line, spectator's clap, cheer and encourage everyone. You want to keep going, get your best time, and to have your name called out as you cross the finish line. 

As they finish, racers crowd around the posted time sheets to see how well they did. They talk about beating their last time and what race is next. And then you start wondering if you should do another race. It's all about fantastic fun and motivation. And, it's a good kind of contagious.