Reflections On A Walk In the Park


Things are looking brighter today. Both literally and figuratively. We certainly had crummy weather last week. Gray and dreary with lots of wind and rain. And then the first snowfall of the year came along with 2 days of temps that didn't get out of the low 40's. Fun. Unfortunately, I have one of those heads that works like a barometer and senses all those atmospheric pressure changes, better known to me as migraines. Gotta love Michigan.

But, back to today. Early this morning, I taught my 3rd "Lose the Fat; Find the Fit" nutrition class at the Y, which was really fun. On the way home, I decided to stop at the park and take advantage of the nice weather. Seriously: sunshine, warmth, light breeze, and blue sky...yes.

I turned my Endomondo app on, and started to walk. With no headphones. Just my own thoughts.  I started observing lots of wonderful, healthy things going on. It's a great park with a paved 1 1/2 mile loop, going around a lake, through some woods---just really beautiful.

I smiled and said hello to people as they passed by.  You know, every single one smiled back and responded. Not one person failed to smile back.  Maybe the world is better than it seems some times. It felt that way today.

And people were really out there exercising. A woman in her 50's had her mother out for a very slow walk.  She was holding onto her mom's one good arm, the other held in place with a sling.  I was thinking how wonderful it was that they were out there together, strolling as they were able, and not just sitting at home eating donuts.

There was a dad jogging and a girl on a little pink bike pedaling and weaving along as they held a constant conversation. Well, she was doing most of the talking. Daddy/daughter time and learning the value of exercise at a young age.

A very tall male Spartan fan was all decked out in his team sweatshirt and green shorts, sporting ear phones as he ran at a good pace. The away football game was going on, and decided he must be listening to the game while he was running. He ran past me 3 times, so I went with that idea.  I was proud of him!

And then there was an extended family of 5, all walking along at their different paces, talking and enjoying the natural areas along the way. Some able to walk better than others, but all out there moving.

I passed a couple in their 20's walking arm in arm. I decided they must be on a date (that's the beauty of being alone with my thoughts...I was free to create my own story line!) I was able to pass quite easily, since they were not out there for speed.  I really liked that they chose going for a walk in the park over sitting at a movie or going out for ice cream.

There were 2 dogs and their owners, one walker and one jogger who went by.  Interesting that neither pet nor owner was overweight. Did you know that vets are having a hard time convincing some of us as dog owners to keep our pet's weight down?  I guess the human obesity rate is spilling over onto our pets.  Bravo to those pet exercisers!

And, of course, the 2 men who were biking.  One was really pushing it and the other obviously had trouble with his knees.  A perfect alternative for them both.

When I finished my 3 miles, I was in a really good mood. And why wouldn't I be? At least these people, around this small lake, in this park, in this area of our country, are exercising, taking care of themselves, and striving toward better health. And I am downright proud of them.