Reflections on Graduation Week

Whenever routines are interrupted, chaos ensues. I don't know if that's fact, law, or just an all too common occurrence.  It just is. And, it can play havoc with healthy eating and exercise goals.

My daughter, and youngest of my three, graduated from the University of Michigan over the weekend. This was, of course, a wonderfully proud moment for me as her mom. Family from out-of-state gathered here at our home for the week to help celebrate. Since there were 2 days of ceremonies to attend an hour away, some serious driving was part of the equation. And, so were meals at favorite restaurants, exhaustion, and just a wee bit of stress.

My healthy routines were certainly interrupted, but in a good way. I've become used to my yogurt and oatmeal breakfast, mini lunches and snacks on the go, and easy meals at night for my husband and me. This past week, I ate differently. And if I hadn't been ready for it, these challenges may have become overeating events.

Recognizing your at-risk-for-overeating times is half the battle. Mine are when I'm both tired and stressed: STRESSED=DESSERTS for me. During times like that, I need to be extra vigilant around my sugary trigger foods. 

And, how did I do last week?

  1. I recognized my fatigue and stress.
  2. When baking cookies, I made sure to sit down and eat one hot, perfectly shaped cookie with a cup of coffee instead of acting like the clean up crew and popping broken or weird shaped ones into my mouth. 
  3. We ate 3 dinners, 1 breakfast, and 2 snack/drinks out. 
    1. I ordered a luncheon sized portion when we were given the option. 
    2. I made sure I had a big green salad before each entree arrived.
    3. I focused on eating slowly and mindfully.
    4. I ate only enough of my meal to be full, either sharing it or bringing it home. 
    5. I ordered coffee toward the end of each meal to give me the sense of "meal's over" and to still be part of the meal as others finished eating.
  4. I went to bed at a decent time each night.
  5. Although I may have over done the caffeinated beverages at times, but I still tried to get plain old water in, too.
And the scales? Up one pound on Monday, back down on Tuesday. I can deal with that. 

Now, who else is part of graduations coming up? What are your plans to keep your "healthy on?"