Salad Bar Offers Healthy Entertaining

Pat G shared a wonderful dinner idea for entertaining a wide range of ages. "The goal was to make it fun and attractive for grand kids and adults who are focusing on healthy food choices by offering a long line of bowls that ran the length of our 9-ft kitchen island."

Pat arranged 20 salad items that presented a rainbow of color with a spread of "greens, grilled chicken, low sodium ham, white kidney beans, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, sweet red pepper, tomatoes, chopped egg, whole wheat croutons, walnuts, raisins, olives, beets, cheese and more."  A homemade balsamic/olive oil herb dressing topped things off. 

It sounded like Pat's salad was a big hit. "I enjoyed watching people taking in the sight and hearing enthusiastic comments as they created their dinners."

Though preparing all the ingredients ahead of time took some time, it was certainly worth her effort. And the bonus: having a refrigerator full of healthy leftovers to create quick meals the rest of the week!

Thanks for sharing this fantastic idea for healthy entertaining, Pat!