Season of the New Year, New Diet

Friday, January 17, 2014 

Have you been watching the 2014 season of New Year, New Diet?
It's an annual thing. People make resolutions to lose weight. They jump on board a diet. It may last a day or 2, a few weeks... maybe more.
It's kind of like watching reality TV without the TV.
Which diet will be chosen? Which gym classes will they take?
Advertisements and commercials blast the newest diet programs.  Celebrities sway their figures to get our attention. (Is anyone else getting tired of the seeing the so called "hot" Maria on the Nutri-System commercial?) Magazines and newspapers rank and compare, books have the latest and greatest diets...
But, do these diets work for real people living real lives? Do they keep you healthy while losing weight? Does it keep the weight off forevermore? (Probably not. If they did, the annual seasons of New Year, New Diet would be over.)
The trouble is, many of the "latest, greatest, quick" diets are radical and restrictive. Too much change and deprivation is extremely hard to stick with, and most go quickly back to the old eating habits they know and love. But they sure do sell.
Hmmm. We could just ditch any attempt to drop excess body fat and ignore our unhealthy spread. Or maybe we should just wait and keep watching everyone else during the Season of New Year, New Diet to see if they find the miracle cure diet?