Success is Sweeter than Sugar

Patty's on the left, with Elaina

She didn't want to start taking cholesterol medication! As a nurse, she knew that making dietary changes could help. She pleaded with her cardiologist for time to improve her blood lipid profile on her own. Hesitantly, he agreed to a short trial period...

Patty's story shows one of determination and persistence. In February, her blood work showed a total cholesterol of 265 mg/dL, LDL at 156, and triglycerides of 145. Not good, but it spurred her into immediate action. Her mantra was simple: No Meds.

Walking was already part of Patty's life and had been for a number of years. She had that exercise part down. She sets different monthly goals for herself and others through Endomondo, her favorite smart phone app that records distance, time, pace, and calories burned for different activities, and allows for interaction among Endo users. In fact, she's been faithfully walking 100 miles each month for over 2 years! Aerobic exercise---check.

Now was the time to get serious about her diet. Patty stopped eating all those villainous fats, the trans- and saturated in red meat, egg yolks, dairy, and sweet treats. Her daily foods included healthy unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids: ground flax seed, lemon flavored cod liver oil, almonds, and walnuts. She focused on eating whole grains, vegetables, fruit, chicken and fish. She became a fastidious label reader. Processed foods? GMO's? Not for her.

After 3 months, she lost 16 pounds and is happily holding firm on a healthy weight. But, she was really nervous about her upcoming blood work. What if all her hard work was for naught?

I met Patty last week, just as the doctor's office called to give her the results of her new blood work, 5 months later. SUCCESS!! She dropped her cholesterol down to 172, LDL dropped to 100, and triglycerides to 111! What an amazing success!! 

A big, loud CONGRATULATIONS to a healthier, svelte, and ever so strong Patty!! You're an inspiration to us all! 
Moral of the story: What you eat does make a difference!


Patty's Labs (mg/dL)

  • Total Cholesterol 256 - 172
  • LDL 156 - 100
  • Triglycerides 145 - 111