Take the First Step to a Healthy Body

Are you ready to take the First Step to a Healthy Body?  
It seems like such a simple one, but it's one so many of us ignore: 


    Get up off that sofa, out of that chair and move! Start with just 5 minutes. You can walk, run, walk up and down the stairs, dance, swim, bike, or just walk in place.  The key is to get your body in motion. 

    Activities that move large muscle groups through motion repetitively are aerobic exercises. This type of activity works to strength your heart, increase lung function, burn calories, increase metabolic rate, increase oxygen flow,  and can even increase the flow of endorphins--those "feel good" neurotransmitters in your brain.  And it's usually time when you aren't snacking on Cheetos! After you're done?  You feel great that you've done it, proud, and maybe even a little virtuous.

    Are you already a regular in exercise-land?  Work toward moving for 30 minutes at a moderate intensity 5 days a week, or 3 times a week at higher intensity. Do it one day, rinse, repeat!

    Today's Action Plan:  Get your body in motion with aerobic activity for at least 5 minutes. 
    Fire Up! You can do it!