Thanks-giving or Thanks-gobbling?

Thanksgiving.  Does anyone remember what this holiday is really all about? I'm afraid that many Americans have forgotten the origin of the day and instead have ended up obsessed about food, food and more food. We start the day gobbling and never seem quit---Thanks-gobbling?

This year, it's time to change the focus. Thanksgiving. What does the base word "thanks" actually mean to you? Once you define it, try to keep that idea of thanks in mind as you proceed through your week.

Now for a little reality check.  Many people I know just let loose when it comes to eating the entire week of Thanksgiving.  They take the attitude that it's so hard to control themselves around such an array of good food that they don't even try. And guess what happens? The food feast keeping going, and going and going...right through the next holiday. And when New Year's day arrives and they are another 5 pounds heavier. Think. Is that what you really want this holiday season?

How many times have you gone shopping for new jeans, sweaters, coats or shirts without looking at the price tag? If you are like me, that is one of the first things I check out.  Why?  If it's too expensive and I can't afford to buy it, I don't want to waste my time looking at it. I have to stay within my budget.  Yes, I could put it on a credit card.  But, I still have to pay for it at a later date.  Buying clothes isn't free,  unfortunately.  I did raise a daughter after all!

The same is true for the food you'll see this week at your Thanksgiving gatherings.  Every item has a price tag. Just because you eat it quickly, standing up, or with no one seeing you, doesn't mean you don't have to pay for it, one way or another.

Thanksgiving Food "Price Tags" 

Turkey, white meat, 3 oz     134 calories    3 units     3 protein
Turkey, dark meat, 3 oz       168 calories    3  units    3 protein
Stuffing, 1/2 cup                  177 calories    3 1/2 units
Mashed potatoes, 1/2 cup    120 calories    2 units
Gravy, 1/4 cup                      30 calories     1 unit
Butter, 1/2 Tbsp                    50 calories     1 unit
Roll                                     120 calories     2 1/2 units
Cranberry sauce, 1/4 cup     110 calories    2 units
Winter squash, 1/2 cup          40 calories    1 unit        1 vegetable
Sweet potato, baked, 1        102 calories    2 units       2 vegetables
Mixed green salad, 1 cup      10 calories    0 units       1 vegetable
Green beans, 1/2 cup             20 calories    0 units      1 vegetable
Vinaigrette, 2 Tbsp                80 calories    2 units      2 healthy fats
Wine, 4 oz                             88 calories    2 units
Pecan Pie, 1/8                      460 calories    9 units
Cherry Pie, 1/8                    304 calories    6 units
Apple Pie, 1/8                      277 calories    6 units
Pumpkin Pie, 1/8                 265 calories     5 units
Whipped cream, 3 Tbsp        30 calories     1 unit
     I am going to challenge you this week to be aware of the price tags. When it's meal time, choose what you want to eat, and put it on your plate.  Sit down. Eat slowly and mindfully.  Enjoy what you choose. And, be thankful...