Thanksgiving Reflections

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that seems to stay relatively constant for our family. Sitting back and reflecting on the constant action of the past few days, I'm thankful for a holiday that I can take time out to say, "Thanks" for...

  1. My sons and daughter who learned to cook and who enjoy making their own amazing dishes and helping in the kitchen! 
  2. My daughter who loves black Friday shopping and spending time with her mom.
  3. Cut throat family games of Trivia Pursuit.
  4. Laughter. 
  5. Hugs and the kids who give them. 
  6. Walking, swimming, and yoga...pain-free.
  7. Twinkling lights and candles.
  8. Family, friends, and a good cup of coffee.
  9. Time to be quiet, rest, and to sleep.
  10. You.