The Ice Cream Diet

While the lighter fare of dinner of grilled chicken, fresh salad and whole grain baguette was great, last night was just one of those nights that called for ice cream. Soft-serve ice cream...

Maybe it's because I was raised by parents who both grew up on farms that had dairy cattle. Or maybe it was my Dad's love of dairy products. He was a professor in dairy nutrition; of course we always had ice cream in the freezer growing up. Then there were all the summer road trips we went on in the non-air conditioned family station wagon.  I remember Mom always announcing it was time for an ice cream stop around 3 each afternoon. She still does that! I remember keeping track of the daily travel expenses when DQ was still Dairy Queen and small cones only cost 10 cents! Whatever the reason, I've always loved ice cream. And over the years, that love connection tended to interfere with my ability to maintain a healthy weight.

As my husband, daughter and I headed back from our local ice cream shop with cones in hand last night, I reminisced about one of the crazy diets I went on in college:

Several of my friends in our dorm house, including me, tried out what sounded like the greatest diet we'd ever heard of: The Ice Cream Diet! You could eat all the ice cream you wanted--any flavor---but you couldn't eat anything else. Once committed, we all headed across the street to Boyd's Dairy and stocked up on our food supply for the week. I think the idea was that you'd get sick of ice cream and quit eating. I don't think we lasted more than a few days on it...Results? Everyone else lost weight on it, except me! To celebrate the end of the diet? An ice cream fight!

What can I say? I had a lot of learning ahead of me...

Moral of the story: Fad diets don't work! Or, if it sounds too good to be true, it is!