This Week's Healthy Focus

A week ago on Tuesday, I had you do a Motivational Checkup in the pursuit of your healthy goals. Now, let's take a look at this past week--how did it go? One of the things that I've learned over the years working with so many people, is that when it comes to changing lifestyle habits, it takes a methodical, persistent approach. Consistency not perfection--that's what works for long term changes.

Let me walk you through a great process to use as you strive to change your habits to help you become healthier, stronger, leaner, more svelte and maybe even more buff!

  1. Glance back at last week. What POSITIVE actions did you take that are helping you get closer to your healthy goals? Acknowledge them, and be proud of yourself! (A few "yea, rahs!" here, please. ) Each baby step you take is getting you closer to where you want to be.
  2. What needs improvement? What didn't go so well? Pick out one that you're going to work on this week-- only one. Trying to improve too many at a time sets you up for not being able to change any. Every week when I think about this, I visualize a tower made out of wooden blocks. Each block represents one habit--walking, vegetables, milk, sleep, water....etc. I pick the block that is most out of alignment and that's the one I am going to work on for the week's healthy focus, trying to pat that block back into place.
  3. Use this as your one mini goal: This Week's Health Focus. One step, one behavior change at a time. Write this mini goal on a sticky note and put it where you'll see it often.

This Week's Report for Me:
  1. I successfully pushed up my aerobic workout. I walked the mall twice this week for 35 and 45 minutes, at a higher intensity, and I made the dog hoof it faster on 3 days when the roads were clearer ( he didn't get as many stop and sniff spots!) The other 2 days were our regular paced dog walks. I can tell my aerobic conditioning level is improving quickly...yes!
  2. I need to work on getting more stretching in. The tension in my neck is up there, and I have been skipping some of those flexibility sessions. Oops.
  3. My Week's Health Focus: 6 days of a 10 minute stretching routine. I can do it!
And what about you?? What's your Health Focus for the week?

Remember: You climb the mountain one step at a time....
Fire Up!! You Can Do It!!