Weight Loss Ads

Wow. It's so easy. Just sprinkle it on; lose weight. Join this; lose weight.You don't have to measure it, weigh it or count it; just order, eat, and lose. Eat this cereal, drink this drink; lose weight. Buy this machine; lose weight. Weight loss is advertised to be as easy as pie (I never understood the pie thing, since pie making just isn't in the easy category.)

This genre of TV commercials is full of it. Full of false promises, hope and the inference that a miracle awaits you. All you have to do is to buy it.  Good grief. If losing weight was as easy as putting money where your mouth is, all rich people would be thin. Right.

Most Americans have some extra weight to lose. Many want desperately to lose it. So, big business comes in and seems to offer the miracle pill, the quick, easy fix end. The thing is, it's just not as simple as buying what these January commercials are selling. Some of what they're selling will work a little, for a little while. But, weight loss that stays off isn't what these ads are selling.  It takes time and hard work to change unhealthy behaviors, learn, and develop new habits that will last.

If you're ready to get that extra body fat off once and for all, bypass all the hype. Find a healthy approach that focuses on good nutrition, realistic increased exercise, and lots of positive "head" work to tackle long term behavior changes. And the best way to get that done is finding support. Good support is a key to getting into action and making real changes happen. Find a good supportive coach, friend, or group to team up with. Just about every one of us will find more success with teamwork...

Fire UP! You CAN Do It!