Weight Watchers In Business With McDonalds??

Wow. Weight Watchers teamed up with McDonalds in New Zealand. It sounds like they have chosen 3 meals to mark with the Weight Watchers logo/seal of approval. These will count as 6.5 points on the WW weight loss plan, where daily points plans run from 18 - 40 points per day, and the average is 28. The approved meals will be the Filet-o-Fish sandwich, 6 piece chicken nuggets, and a sweet chili chicken wrap. Diet drinks and salads come with the meal.

Fast food in cahoots with a weight loss industry giant seems wrong on so many levels. What's happening here? I do see some good things but I also see some major warning lights flashing overhead. When I look at this from a weight loss angle, it reminds me of Taco Bell's "Drive thru" diet, but let's tackle that one in another next blog.

What's good about McDonalds and Weight Watchers in business together?
  • Someone trying to lose weight can readily see the lower calorie choices: the WW logo is recognized and respected world wide. I would have appreciated this when I was getting rid of my 69 #.
  • Helps people see they can go to fast food restaurants while losing weight, which reinforces the "life-style change" behavior approach. Its all about what you choose when you get there.
  • McDonalds is offering some healthier choices, which is a good move.

What are the problems with MickeyD's and WW teaming up?
  • Reality. When a person is trying to lose weight, they need to be really strong and well prepared mentally to walk into McD's and order the lighter fare. Why? As soon as you walk into a fast food establishment you are bombarded with an incredibly strong offensive line. You have to be on guard as your senses are highly stimulated there, and dangers lurk everywhere. You smell the fries and burgers. You hear the fries sizzling and you hear the servers asking you if you want fries with that. (Yes, of course I do! But, maybe I wouldn't choose to if you didn't ask me.) You see wonderful pictures of beautiful burgers, shakes and fries. Let the drooling begin...If you aren't mentally on the defense, chances are the idea to choose a WW item will take a turn toward the "Yes, I'll take the large fries, please," adding 500 calories to the meal.
  • Too much temptation? Perhaps we giving a false sense of security by knowing WW has OK'd McDonalds. How often will someone actually order from the lighter menu when the photo of the double cheeseburger and shake look so much better? Granted, people need to take responsibility for what goes into their own stomachs, but is this aiding and abetting overweight people in their quest to lose weight? Hmmm...
  • It may be healthier, but it's not health food. Just by reducing the fat and calories as was done for this venture in New Zealand, they aren't creating a health food. It's getting better, but it's not there yet. When do we get the whole grain buns loaded with extra deep green lettuce, 2 slices of tomato and all things wonderful like that, with a grilled chicken breast not infused with fat?
  • Why is diet soda the only beverage included in the meal? Why not non-fat milk, bottled water, unsweetened tea and coffee? Milk is loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals--totally nutrient dense. Tea and coffee have the antioxidant edge, and water is the ultimate hydrator. All with no artifical sweeteners.
I'm sure the ultimate decision for the McDonalds and Weight Watchers joint venture is a sound business one having a bit to do with money. And so far, the McD & WW combo will be served only in New Zealand.

What do YOU think about this duo in business together?