When Laundromat Meets Quality Dairy, Part I

This hasn't been filled with "oh, so wonderful" stuff occurring. More like, "Oh, no! You've got to be kidding me!" (For a little perspective, my house was invaded 3 weeks ago by worker dudes who ripped out and are now reconstructing my only full bathroom. Good thing the gym has a shower!)

It started with my husband's car. The 2002 VW Passat with 255,000 was great for my hubs, but we had to declare it D.O.A. after last week's tow episode. Then car rentals while car shopping. Yuck. Suffice to say, I detest car shopping. 

Then, when I pushed the button, the electric garage door opener wouldn't do anything but whine. Me, too. I had to disconnect electric part and MANUALLY open and close the garage door. Normally you'd expect a wellness coach to be all for the extra footsteps and reaching up and down to open and close that big door. Somehow, I just couldn't quite muster the enthusiastic motivation when it was 10 degrees out, and didn't feel that great. Not that I was complaining. After all, I burned all those extra calories, right?

They say the third thing's the charm. Hardly. The washing machine quit. The lid was locked in place and no button I pushed would do anything. Great. Suffice to say, the appliance repair dude ordered 2 parts. I wonder if the fix will be cheaper than a new washer?

In the meantime, I hit the laundromat this afternoon. The closest one happens to be part of a Quality Dairy. People around here know QD for donuts, ice cream and cookies. Some of the people I work with call QD their nemesis.

to be continued...