Your Favorite Healthy Internet Resources

I have lots of people who ask me what websites or blogs I recommend that provide good health and nutrition info and that have great recipes to try. I need your help on this one. If you have some that you follow, be sure to share it with us!

Trying new recipes is a great way to keep the fun in your pursuit of health.  Nothing is as boring as eating the same old foods each and every day.  New healthy recipes can bring back the enjoyment of eating healthy foods. The internet provides a never ending supply of recipes, some even good for you!  Try:

  • Gina's Skinny Tastes Kristen, the original MM fan, gave me this site and it is a great one! Be sure to check it out.  For all of you who are following the Weight Watchers, she has the new Points Plus listed on each item in addition to the nutritional info.
  • Healthy Living with Ellie. Great site with great recipes. I love her cookbooks--- Ellie really knows how to cook!
  • Eating Well Magazine.  Hazel, a MM Groupie,  loves every recipe she's tried on this site.
  • Prevention Magazine.  This is another source for healthy recipes that Hazel likes. (Be aware that I am not endorsing these magazines, nor am I recommending them as a good resource for health & nutrition information. The recipes look great, though!)
Good health & nutrition information sites are often mixed up with lists of other, not-so-good, web sites. Always be leery if a site is trying to sell you pills to make you healthier, and look for sites written by people educated in their fields.  A site written by a R.D., M.S., PhD or a M.D. is definitely good sign. 
  • Doctor Carrie's Better Living.  Dr. Carrie is one of our MM Followers and is a health blogger herself.  I love her blog and highly recommend it for great information:                                             
Now, here's were I need your help!  What other good websites have you found to support you in your quest for nutrition, fitness and health?  

To Your Health!