On Personal Coaching...

I’ve been overweight my entire life, and tried other weight loss programs. Barb’s plan for healthy eating has been very successful for me because I know I have someone in my corner.
— Denise
When Barb says “motivation,” she doesn’t just mean canned pep talks. First, she asks great questions and listens deeply to MY goals and idiosyncrasies. And then she crafts a way from “here” to “there” that works for me. Recently, for instance, I told her I wanted to be able to eat some sugar, without sliding out of control. Her creative (and, so far, powerful!) idea was to commit to not eating sugar alone. It’s been amazing how this takes sugar out of the sneaky, guilty, solitary indulgence category. Instead, now I’m planning a few deliberately chosen “celebrations” at which I share a really fun sugar treat with friends and family. I’m looking forward to them; I’m savoring them. And I’m happy in between, feeling like I’m managing my treats — not being controlled by them. What a great companion on my journey to health! Thanks, Barb!
— Joann

On Group Coaching...

The Mind-full Motivator group has been an invaluable resource for me because of the expert information that Barb provides. It is helpful to spend time with like-minded people in an atmosphere of caring and non-judgmental support.
— Carol
Barb’s wellness program is an effective way to improve and maintain your health- not just your clothing size. We are inundated by junk science! Barb presents facts. The weekly groups motivate you to make mindful choices. It works!
— Pat & Jim
A trip to an ER convinced me I needed help. I began attending Barb’s classes and got the 3 M’s: Motivation - Mindfulness – Mentoring. I lost 40 lbs. and kept it off! And, my physician is thrilled with the improved lab results!
— Elizabeth
Very enjoyable class with friendly people. Barb is so knowledgeable and supportive. Leave the class motivated and positive!
— Lorraine

Corporate Wellness Lunch & Learns...

I really enjoyed how Barb explained the reasoning behind why we should eat certain food. Specifically, what different types of food do to our bodies. So often we hear what we should or should not eat, and it was nice to get an explanation as to why.
— Corporate Wellness Participant
Barb created an atmosphere that was relaxed, humorous, yet very informative. She relays information in a way you can easily understand.
— Corporate Wellness Participant